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Victoria Topp

        Production Coordinator


Victoria Topp is no stranger to managing logistics, coordinating schedules and focusing

on the bottom line. As a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, Victoria's career

started in the medical arena, helping babies, seniors, and stroke victims better

communicate, and to help them solve challenges that arise from swallowing issues. 


She was a principle with Ambilingual Associates. While there she supervised and

coordinated schedules with a group of cutting edge therapists, in multiple locations.


Transitioning into Bar Shabatai Productions was not a stretch. As Vicky says, "As an SLP my

job was to help people's lives improve. Now I get to do the same thing by helping

organizations that reach people to improve their reach and bottom line."

Victoria takes care of coordinating schedules, shoots and deliverables within BSP and with

our client/partners. Her determination and dedication help to ensure that all aspects of a

project run smoothly and on time. Additionally, her friendly voice and easy going manner

make her a pleasure to work with.

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