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Case Studies



At the recent JAFCO Gala, celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary, solicitations were made immediately after the presentation of our video. The bottom-line: JAFCO netted over A MILLION DOLLARS that evening, a significant return on investment.

(Because of child confidentiality, please send an email to view this video.)


Hospice By The Sea – Camp Good Grief


Camp Good Grief is a weekend bereavement camp for children. When they decided to produce a video, they were concerned about

getting a return on their investment. When we

were in the final stages of tweaking the video,

their development director took the video to a

regular donor, someone who always gave $10,000

each year. After some small talk, she gave them her

check. Then they watched the video.


Once the video was over, the donor asked for her check back and tore it up. She then excused herself for a few minutes and upon her return, she handed them a new check. This one was for $300,000, a significant return on investment.



Boy Scouts of America


Each year the South Florida Council of the

Boy Scouts of America hosts a fundraising dinner.

The majority of people who come and donate are

average working class and upper middle class

people. One such individual took his annual $500.

gift and multiplied it by 10 to give $5,000., directly

because of our video presentation.

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