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Jay Crosby

        Coordinating Producer


Corrdinating Producer Jay Crosby brings seasoned business acumen to the Bar Shabatai

Team. Mr. Crosby's first foray into the business world was while he was still in college.

The Environmental Protection Agency took advantage of Jay’s detail oriented mind to

help evaluate applications for pesticide registration. 

After completing his major in Communications and Mass Media,  Mr. Crosby managed

his own nightly news program on WPLT in Plattsburgh, NY. While there he was the first

correspondent to interview the Canadian Consulate to Iran immediately after the

conclusion of the American hostage crisis in Iran. 


After a stint running his family’s floral business in Washington DC, Jay then moved to

Saranac - Lake Placid, NY where his floral company was selected  as the official florist

of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY.


Shortly thereafter, Jay again entered the communications world. He brought his detailed mind into the IT world as a consultant for mainframe security.  That led to a role working with Generals Alexander Haig and Norman Schwartzkopf. While associated with these two world leaders, Jay was instrumental in orchestrating meetings and subsequent television segments with Mitsubishi International, General Electric, Simitomo, IHS and TUV International. He also had the opportunity to interview former President Jimmy Carter for an environmental story. 


Now as Coordinating Producer for Bar Shabatai Productions, Jay has ensured that companies receive in-depth media coverage, critical reporting and ROI that exceeds expectations. 

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