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It's All About You

Thanks for visiting  Bar Shabatai Productions. Our philosophy is simple, our projects are all about you. We specialize in custom designed, high end video and film projects for non-profit agencies, performing arts clients and corporate entities. Our work has helped organizations and television networks (PBS, NBC) to realize tens of millions of dollars in positive cash flow throughout the years. 
Our aim is to to get our clients results, not awards, although we’ve been privileged to receive six Emmy Awards, over 52 Telly Awards and numerous others. However, our greatest award is knowing that we’ve helped.
We’re a no pressure, creative team that aims to work with our clients, we essentially become a temporary “partner” while we craft a marketing presentation that garners positive results. We’ve worked all over the world and have produced projects in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian and French. We’re always ready for a challenge.
Now here’s the sales pitch: Check out what we’ve done for others in our “Demos” section. The work speaks for itself.
Now, let's talk about what we can do for you. Contact us at 305-301-5392 or email us info@bsptv.tv.

"I found you totally prepared and professional." Leonard Nimoy

Our Clients

Fund Raising Videos

For organizations with "Missions That Matter", being able to communicate your mission in an emotionally moving fashion, through the eyes of those you directly effect is vital. We have helped raise millions of dollars in charitable giving that has enabled organizations to expand programs, build edifices and directly impact the lives of those who need them the most.  

What We Do


Whether it's a broadcast television network such as PBS, NBC or FOX Business, or an internal presentation, our documentary work has engaged, informed and entertained audiences worldwide. We've been privileged  to produce documentaries on the performing arts, social causes, healthcare, the environment, and history.


Major corporation such as Ryder, Perry Ellis, Caesars World and Aetna have put their confidence in us to help them communicate their message to diverse audiences. We have been commissioned to produce commercials, corporate films and internal communication messages. These projects have been broadcast on major television networks, Internet outlets and within private gatherings to select audiences of investors, board members or employees.


Executive Producer/Creative Director

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Managing Producer
Production Coordinator
Chief Cinematographer

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4701 N. 36 Street

Hollywood, Florida 33021

Direct Contacts:


Alan R. Levy: alan@bsptv.tv

Jay Crosby: jcrosby@bsptv.tv

Victoria Topp: vicky@bsptv.tv

Joel Kaplan: joel@bsptv.tv 

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